Installation, Behavioral Design, Research

The Adjustabooth is a design intervention that aims to help users reflect on how one’s level of comfort depends on the level of mindfulness to one’s environment through two types of adjustments: visual and spatial. Visually, the walls of the booth will reveal the user inside and transition back to a space that hides the user from public sight, left with a mirror to gaze at themselves. Spatially, the blinds may be repositioned to adjust the privacy of corner spaces. Participants will come to realize that perceptions can be controlled. This realization would ideally help people recalibrate their sensations to a desired level of daily comfort.



Cultural probe for assessing perceptions of public and private spaces

It might seem easy to delineate the physical boundaries between public and private spaces. However, insights from our cultural probe revealed that one’s level of privacy is also a mental contest: you can feel both public and private in the same physical place, and boundaries are fuzzy due to the ever-changing nature of individual thoughts. Your perception of a space depends on what you are noticing through your senses, either consciously or automatically.

Empathy Diary
1. Go to a place other than your home
2. Write your experience of the place on the map below
3. Photograph a space within the place where you feel
4. private/public  using the heart stick (red: private, blue: public)
5. Describe the photo you just took and tell us why you feel that way

This work is a group project with Yvonne Chow.