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Better understanding abortion and reducing the stigma


Have you ever really thought about abortion with your own point of view?
Or do you just believe what everybody “might” think. 

Almost 25% of women experience abortion in their lives which means it could be you, your sister,
your mom, or your girlfriend/wife, your friend, your coworker.
We want to establish better understanding of one another and evoke empathy.


Meeting with Avail*
The most important piece of information Avail shared with us was to try to develop our character stories as much as possible. They mentioned that each person that comes to Avail is always evolving and if we could convey a sense of growth or evolution in our characters that would read credibly to the user. 

*Avail NYC is a pregnancy care network for those verifying and making decisions about an unexpected pregnancy. They offer holistic care and practical resources.

Card sortingWhile visiting Avail, we asked Chris and Maria to participate in a quick card sorting activity. Their participation and input helped us ensure our content and messaging were respective to abortion stigma.
Stigma Research on Campus


Workbook inspired by zines for understanding and empathy

Perception focuses on stigmas of all kinds. This particular issue gives abortion stigma the spotlight. Our research has revealed that the best way to help counteract Abortion Stigma is through education and exposure. This workbook aims 18-25 year olds and provides facts and figures, stories and scenarios in an engaging way that younger people could relate to.

Our goal is to produce Perception that is educational, beautful, and empathetic.

This work is a group project with Kelly Waldron.